The Great Trees of London

Visiting and drawing the 61 Great Trees of London. After the Great Storm of 1987, Londoners were asked to nominate the Cities’ most loved trees. The project will take a number of years to complete, with the final ‘Great Trees of London’ artwork consisting of all 61 trees. Individual tree prints are available in limited print runs as completed.

Tree 16 of 61 Marble Hill Black Walnut

Marble Hill Black Walnut- Luke Adam Hawker.jpg

Tree 15 if 61 The Darwin Tree

THE DARWIN TREE FOR PRINT - Luke Adam Hawker- low res.jpg

tree 14 of 61 Greenwich park shagbark hickory


Tree 13 of 61 ashcombe sweet chestnut


Tree 12 Of 61 Totteridge Yew

The Totteridge Yew Tree - Luke Adam Hawker

Tree 11 Of 61 Berkeley Square plane

Berkeley Square plane - the Great Trees of London - Luke Adam Hawker

Tree 10 of 61 Greenwich Park Spanish Sweet chestnut

Greenwich Park Sweet Chestnut - Luke Adam Hawker.jpg

tree 9 of 61 - cheapside plane

cheapside plane - Luke Adam Hawker.jpg

Tree 8 of 61 - The Charlton house mulberry

charlton house mulberry Tree - Luke Adam Hawker.jpg


Tree 7 of 61 - The Hardy Tree

The Hardy Tree - Luke Adam Hawker LR .jpg

Tree 6 of 61 - The dulwich park turkey oak

Dulwich Turkey Oak - Luke Adam Hawker.jpg

Tree 5 of 61 - The Brixton Plane Tree 

Tree 4 of 61 Battersea Park Strawberry Tree

Battersea Park Strawberry Tree

Tree 3 of 61 Dean's Yard Plane Tree

Deans Yard Plane tree

Tree 2 of 61 Brockwell Park Oak

The Brockwell Park Oak

Tree 1 of 61 Richmond Royal Oak

Richmond Royal Oak